Four covered hopper railcars hauling petroleum coke were suspected to be contaminated with soluble salts such as, chlorides, sulfates and nitrates. CHLOR RID was called in to test for the corrosive contaminates and assist to remove them if necessary.

Testing was performed to determine the level of contaminants present and to verify the effectiveness of any decontamination performed. The charts to the right confirm that a significant amount of contaminants were found to be present in the railcars. If left unresolved, these salts would cause corrosion in the railcars, reducing the lifespan of the cars and rendering the railcars unsuitable of hauling certain commodities.

A CHLOR RID NACE Certified Coating Inspector, trained in the use of the CHLOR*TEST CSN Salts Kit, tested each car for contaminant levels. The total salts levels detected an average of 48.66(mg/cm2) micrograms per square centimeter. After testing, the railcars were pressured washed with CHLOR*WASH solution, and salt levels were reduced by an average of 79%. The post-wash test results clearly verify that the CHLOR*WASH solution satisfactorily decontaminated these railcars.

A simple pressure wash with CHLOR*WASH removed contaminants to a level where little corrosion is expected and resulted in providing a container suitable for shipping most commodities. Adding CHLOR*WASH to the water during surface cleaning is a simple, low-cost, preventative action increasing the durability and lifespan of the railcars.

Chlorides 16
Sulfates 26
Nitrates 6
Total Salts 48

Post-Wash Test Results with a 1:16
(avg. reading in micrograms per square centimeter)

Chlorides 2
Sulfates 4
Nitrates 4
Total Salts 10

Percentage Reduction

Chlorides 87%
Sulfates 85%
Nitrates 33%
Total Salts 68%