On April 24, 1995 CHLOR RID of Wisconsin was contacted by Quality Sandblasting of Green Bay, WI., inquiring about a chloride contamination problem on the steel structure of paper machine #12 at the Procter & Gamble Paper Company.

This was a very delicate job: first, the structure had to be washed to remove the large debris of paper stuck to the surface, then it was sponge blasted (this method was required by specifications of Procter & Gamble), the structure was then tested for its levels of chloride contamination, which showed very high levels, well over μg/cm².

These levels were not acceptable for coating (according to Procter & Gamble’s specifications). This is when CHLOR*RID was washed on to the surface in a conventional air sprayer (50 psi ) with a mixture of 3oz. of CHLOR*RID to 1 gallon of water.

A BresleSampler™ test kit was used to test the levels of chlorides now on the surface. The chloride levels dropped down to an undetectable level, according to the test kit below 20 ppm. Hours after the surface was cleaned with CHLOR*RID there was no presence of any flashback rust. This shows how effective CHLOR*RID is in removing chlorides from contaminated surfaces, even with little water pressure.

Both Quality Sandblasting (contractor) and the Engineers at CPR & ASSOCIATES and Procter & Gamble were very impressed with the results of CHLOR*RID.