United Coatings Corporation was hired to remove existing non-skid and primer coatings from the U.S.S. Saipan, an amphibious warfar ship and helicopter carrier by vacuum hydroblasting at 40,000 p.s.i. UHP waterjetting, and to replace the coatings system. CHLOR*RID was not part of the original specification, but upon surface chloride checks contamination levels were found to be well above the permissible levels of 5 micrograms or less per centimeter square. In fact, some areas sampled were as high as 38 micrograms per centimeter square after waterjetting had been performed. Areas with high chloride levels were re-hydroblasted several times, and these areas were still above the acceptable range.

At this time a deviation was submitted to the Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Portsmouth to add the CHLOR*RID solution to the hydroblast water supply in order to reduce the chlorides to an acceptable level and proceed with the project. NAVSEA approved the deviation and a mixture of 200 parts water to 1 part CHLOR*RID was used to reduce chlorides to 5 or less micrograms per centimeter square.

On occasion, small areas of the flight deck, such as tie down recesses, had pits filled with black corrosion. A dosmatic pump was used to spray a 100:1 ratio of water and CHLOR*RID on the aforementioned areas followed by re-hydroblasting. These areas revealed chloride levels of less than five micrograms per centimeter square.

United Coatings Corporation has used CHLOR*RID successfully on commercial and Coast Guard projects as well as the United States Navy.