HOLD*BLAST™ VISION Innovative Visual Inspection


  • Ability to visually inspect with a black light
  • Prevents flash rust
  • Use in standard or UPH washer
  • Add to vapor abrasive blasting
  • Add to wet abrasive or slurry blasting
  • Bio-degradable
  • Immediate results
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-detectable level of VOCS when applied
  • No residue left behind to inhibit coating adhesion
  • Removes topical salts
Click here to see our case study with EcoQuip2 abrasive blasting equipment from Graco

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Innovative Visual Inspection technology ensuring ZERO material left on the surface.

• UV light fluorescing surface passivate
• Improper application of passivate may lead to residual material on surface
• Simple Go / No-Go inspection with UV black light
• Simple wash with potable water to remedy the No-Go situation
• Re-inspect to ensure no UV fluorescence presence

Always refer to product Directions, Data and S.D.S Information prior to use.